About Us
Kind to you, kind to the planet.

Scrub up nicely while doing right by mother nature. At Dream Medical Wear, we’ve made it our mission to do better by producing the perfect essential scrubs that support our planet. As a bonus, we source only the best-quality, breathable materials for an oh-so irresistible garment. Feel, look & do good in Dream scrubs.

We might have come from small beginnings, but we have big aspirations. It’s our mission to grow, develop and flourish our brand on a global scale. Eventually, taking our scrubs from the Bronx to the rest of the world - no matter what, we’ll never forget where we came from by ensuring we’re supporting generations and our local communities.

Our Founder
Being a medical assistant since 2012 and now an RN, our founder Madeline, understands the industry first-hand, from the 12-hour shifts to the early morning starts. Behind the brand, Madeline is a passionate, family-loving individual striving to make a difference in her community. Brought up and residing in the Bronx, NY, she’s an Afro-Latina woman who simply wants to build a better future for younger generations—infusing this passion into all our collections.

Our Mission
At Dream Medical Wear, we believe that people drive change! We feel it through our local communities and a growing worldwide movement of individuals who have a hands-on approach to saving our planet. We’ve made our mission to supply and aspire these individuals with quality, affordable garments.

Our Vision
Building a brighter tomorrow begins by sharing the news far and wide. Outside of becoming a driving force of inspiration, we want to turn things up a notch. Dream Medical Wear’s on a mission, and we’re bringing you along for the ride. We aspire to take this tight-knit market to new heights and become a staple in the medical field for our products and initiatives.

Our Values
Giving backs is part of what we do; it’s vital to support our local communities and charities worldwide doing right for our planet. We share our values to help eco-friendly practices throughout every purchase made on our site while also supporting a wealth of environmental, medical, and do-good organizations all around the globe. It feels good to do good! So, take pride in knowing that every purchase you make goes towards supporting do-good organizations around the world.

Our Products
Discover the soft, irresistible collections crafted from our unique blend of Bamboo, Recycled Polyester, and Spandex. We’re doing business differently while making our products better than the competition. Meanwhile, we believe that the sky’s the limit. We’re always looking for new, innovative ways to expand our scrubs collection that keeps our values.